Bill Masterton

Bill Masterton

CEO, Adult Hospital Market

Bill Masterton, Chief Market Officer of LCMC Health

Bill Masterton is the CEO of LCMC Health's Adult Hospital Market, overseeing the operations and financial performance for the four adult-care hospitals of the LCMC Health family. He provides leadership and hands-on direction for the continued success of our hospitals. Prior to his current role, Bill was the President and Chief Executive Officer of University Medical Center in Downtown New Orleans which enjoyed tremendous growth and success during his tenure.

Bill’s expertise was developed during the 20+ years he has spent working in healthcare – specifically, his substantial experience in hospital operations and finance. He has served in various executive roles at hospitals across the South, and his proficiency in financial planning, critical thinking, and long-term healthcare strategy are complemented by his deep passions for serving in the hospital environment, for enhancing patient satisfaction and for supporting evidence-based medical practices to increase the quality of healthcare for the community. He is proud of his work on the team that built UMC to a state-of-the-art medical facility,

Bill looks forward to LCMC Health and its member hospitals future as a hub for comprehensive medical care, healthcare education, and scientific research.

Something extra from Bill:

“Even though I come from a financial services rather than strictly medical background, I know my abilities can have the greatest impact in the health care environment of my community.”