LCMC Healthcare Partners Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is clinical integration?

    Clinical integration is an effort among physicians, often in collaboration with a hospital or health system, to develop active and ongoing clinical initiatives that are designed to control costs and improve the quality of health care services. Participation in an effective clinical integration program will provide independent physicians the ability to contract collectively without violating antitrust laws.

  • What is a Clinically Integrated Network?

    A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) is a legal structure that facilitates collaboration among physicians and providers for a defined patient population. The common goals of the network include high performance, quality, value, and efficiency. The CIN provides a governance structure, clinical protocols, and any supporting technologies needed such as data analytics. The structure also allows the network to negotiate preferred contracts with payers on the physician’s behalf, and manage financial incentives for physicians.

  • What role do physicians have in the leadership/direction of the network?

    LHP is a physician driven network. The charter requires LHP to implement clinical integration programs and infrastructure, as well as participate in value-based contracts. LHP negotiates “pay-for-performance” arrangements with health plan and employer organizations to share in the savings generated by improving quality and reducing costs

  • What is needed in order to participate in LHP?

    Physicians interested in joining the network can do so by signing a voluntary network participation agreement. Upon joining, physicians will be required to collaborate with physician colleagues and LCMC Health in the development and adoption of clinical initiatives that will enhance the quality, service, and cost effectiveness of patient care. Finally, physicians must have self-accountability for compliance with initiatives set forth by LCMC Healthcare Partners.

  • Will participation in LCMC Healthcare Partners require physicians to change the way they practice?

    By definition, participation in the quality and care management initiatives of LHP will require significant time and attention from physicians and their office staff. However, in return, participating physicians will be eligible to obtain financial rewards for their achievements through the clinical integration program, funded by contracted health plans. LHP care management resources and population health technology is deployed to practices to support a successful transition.

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