Joshua Wingerter

Frenchmen Street gets its “vibe-rancy” back

Artist Josh Wingerter is ensuring Frenchmen Street maintains its mojo

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Josh Wingerter’s art career has come full circle on Frenchmen Street. From his first art market feature nine years ago to the “drive-through gallery” he’s created in just a few days, Wingerter found a way to give back to the community that helped him get his professional start.

After painting (with permission) the boarded-up windows of one of his bywater favorites, Who Dat Café, Wingerter ventured to Frenchmen Street.

“It was entirely boarded up, which is something I’m not accustomed to,” said Wingerter. “It’s one of the most vibrant streets in our city.”

Paint in hand, he set out to bring back its personality. With the overwhelmingly positive community response, one coronavirus-inspired plywood painting led to another and before long, the drive through gallery was up and running—free, interesting and socially distant.

“It picked up its own momentum,” he said. “I just listened to the vibes and followed them.”

After a week, he’d painted more than 50 pieces and continues to receive requests for his work at various locations across the city. Wingerter also teamed up with local businesses for a charity campaign. In one weekend, he painted and sold 120 pieces of art with all proceeds supporting local musicians, artists and frontline workers.

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*All timages credit to: Nathanael Jones, Press Photographer