Neil McClure

Pitmasters pay it forward

With food as a symbol of gratitude and nourishment, a local barbecue team is making sure health care workers feel the love

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“I like making people happy with food,” said Neil McClure. “And now, it’s even more rewarding.”

When restaurants closed in New Orleans due to Covid-19, the owner of McClure’s Barbecue and his Hogs for the Cause teammate, Dan Sanders, fed their leftovers to a group of homeless folks in the area. They then asked, “What else can we do?” With many close friends and family members serving on the frontlines of the pandemic, they set about feeding health care workers.

Sanders and McClure are part of the Deswine Intervention team of about 40 men who are no strangers to generosity. Every year, they compete in Hogs for the Cause, an annual barbecue fundraiser for families with children who have pediatric brain cancer, and continually step up to the plate when it comes to disaster relief efforts.

“The focus has always been Hogs for the Cause, everything else has always been a little something extra,” said McClure. The response this time around was natural for them, “Let’s just feed people. We’ll find the money somehow, some way—and we did.”

They’ve continued to receive donations from across the country to support their efforts to feed “as many people as we can for as long as we can.”

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