Terrance Osborne

A beloved New Orleans’ artist honors healthcare heroes

Terrance Osborne is capturing a new cultural icon: the frontline health workers

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Local artist Terrance Osborne has always had a love affair with the city.

“It’s sort of a reciprocating exchange,” Osborne said. “I’ve always painted not only due to the culture, but I’m also a culture producer. I listen to the city and I give it back to them, and that creates a relationship.”

So when some of his commissions went on hold due to the pandemic, he took the opportunity to pursue his own work and give back to the community he loves.

“One of my favorite parts is the Band-Aid,” he said. “She’s like a superhero with her fist up and the confidence in her face, but at the same time she can be harmed. It’s symbolic of her humanity and that she shares in our vulnerability.”

What started out as a simple Facebook share to help medical workers get much needed masks quickly became the inspiration for his piece, “Front Line.” Reminded of the World War II-era women who worked tirelessly to support their loved ones at war, Osborne felt the need to honor those fighting a different kind of war in his own backyard. He decided to create his own nod to Rosie the Riveter.

Osborne is donating over 4000 poster prints of “Front Line” to frontline staff and medical providers in Louisiana.

Prints of “Front Line” can also be purchased online at terranceosborne.com. Keep an eye out for Osborne’s next #littleextra in this series.