Learn More - Under every lab coat is an expert human being.

We are LCMC Health.

Home is where our heart is. Our care is defined by our experts, who view each patient as a human, a vision we like to call “Expertly Human.”

We're a health system on a mission: to provide extra-ordinary care for every person in New Orleans and our surrounding parishes and to bring a little more heart and soul to healthcare along the way.

Expertly human means that we are experts at caring for our people and patients the same way we would care for our own family members.

We take the everyday and make it extraordinary, with unmistakable style and come-on-in, all-are-welcome sincerity. It’s our way of adding a "little something extra" —always delivered with our signature love. The kind that fills you up to the brim. And then some.

What’s unexpected for most, is perfectly at place here — because a little extra-extraordinary is just who we are.

Health care with heart. We put so much heart into what we do, we put it right into our logo. When you’re here, you’re family. No matter who you are or what your story is, you’re part of our family as soon as you walk through our doors. It’s how we make our hospitals feel a little more like home.

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We believe hospitals should actually be hospitable and that physicians should see you as a person and not just a patient.

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Expertly Human

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