A heart full of gratitude

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I speak to you with a heart full of thanks and gratitude. Words cannot express and the community’s and my appreciation for the selfless care you are providing 24/7 during this unprecedented time.

As we face our third week combatting COVID-19, I have seen the LCMC Health team rise and face it with strength, resilience, and heart. Your dedication to our patients and this community will lead us through this very difficult time.

In the last two days, I had the opportunity to visit some of nurses, physicians and support staff in action and experienced firsthand a courageous performance and flawless teamwork. What I witnessed was humbling and inspiring.

As co-workers and friends, you are saving lives. And, you are doing it with steadfast determination, and a “WE GOT THIS” attitude. Witnessing the joyful celebration of a successful discharge from the Intensive Care Unit was something I will not forget. Yes, another life saved.

This virus is something that we as a country have never faced. My children ask about it every night and they are quickly understanding that I work with all the individuals that will make it disappear. They will grow up remembering the significance of those in the Health Care profession: the heroes who stepped up with strength and who sacrificed their own needs to care for others.

You, the healthcare providers, are the reason we will get through this.

You give our community and me the heart and hope we need. You are saving lives and we Thank you.

-Greg Feirn, CEO LCMC Health

Proud Members of the LCMC Health System