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Health Tourism

Health tourism and international patient services

As one of the top teaching hospitals in the U.S., it’s no surprise that Tulane Health System is a destination for medical tourism from all over the world. If you and your family are traveling for medical treatment, we want to ensure we accommodate your unique needs, from helping with travel accommodations to coordinating with your care team in your home country to everything in between.

Once your physician has referred you to our hospital or one of our specialists, you’ll be contacted by our dedicated concierge service. This team, all of whom speak Spanish and English, will help arrange your healthcare abroad experience, while also serving as your primary point of contact throughout your stay in New Orleans.

The services we offer our international patients include:

  • Personal concierge services
  • International travel assistance, both to and from New Orleans
  • Coordination of lodging and accommodations
  • Assistance with medications and/or medical equipment after your procedure
  • Coordination of family/support team activities, such as sightseeing, dining and shopping
  • Transportation to and from New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport
  • Cost estimates
  • Interpreting services

Southern hospitality

Tulane Health System has a proud tradition of working with medical teams all over the world to offer our expertise and advanced options to patients wherever they live. From our ground-breaking advancements in robotic surgery to our life-saving transplant services, our reach exceeds far beyond our walls.

In addition to the unparalleled care and service you’ll receive at Tulane Medical Center, your family and support team will have the opportunity to visit one of America’s premier cities and tourist attractions – New Orleans. The Big Easy, as it’s known, is truly a unique melting pot of culture, food and music. Learn more about one of our nation’s most culturally and historically-rich locations.

Please call our concierge service at 504-988-0280 with any questions.

Frequently asked questions

Will there be someone at the hospital who speaks my language?

We have offer interpretation services for a wide variety of languages. Our team will explain things to you and help you communicate with your doctor here and back home.

How does Tulane Health System consult with my doctor at home? How will you get my medical records and keep my doctor informed about my progress?

After you decide to pursue medical care abroad, our physicians will establish a relationship and lines of communication with your physician back home. We'll send for copies of your medical records before you arrive in the United States. The doctors who work with you here will be well informed about your condition. We'll also send progress reports and other information to your doctor at home by fax, e-mail or telephone.

How long will I be in the hospital?

The length of time that you will be in the hospital will vary depending on the type of procedure you're having. Check with your doctor for specific information.

Will I be able to communicate with friends and family in my own country?

We'll help you with long-distance phone calls any time you wish. We can also make fax and e-mail available to you.

What will happen after I leave the hospital?

You will spend some time recovering. You may also need follow-up care before you return to your own country. We will help schedule your follow-up appointments. And we'll help you get medicines and any special equipment you may need. When your doctor decides you're ready to go home, we'll help with travel arrangements.

What about the people traveling with me? Where will they stay while I'm in the hospital?

Our concierge service can help arrange places for them to stay. There are many lodging choices, including hotels and rental housing.

What is there for my family to do in New Orleans?

New Orleans is one of the most exciting cities in the world. There are hundreds of cultural and recreational activities to enjoy. We can direct you to the world-renowned French Quarter, to amazing restaurants and a host of museums and live-music venues.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact our concierge office at 504-988-0280.