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High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Doctors discussing about scanOur Cancer Center is proud to offer high dose rate (HDR). This state-of-the-art cancer treatment is available for many types of cancer including cervical, uterine, and prostate cancer. HDR brachytherapy is a non-invasive procedure. The radioactive source is attached to a small flexible cable called a catheter. The catheter is inserted into the body and guided by computer to the tumor, or target area, where it delivers precise radiation treatment. The radiation is delivered in minutes and then removed from the patient’s body.

Benefits of HDR brachytherapy

  • HDR brachytherapy allows radiologic oncologists to deliver a high dose of radiation to a tumor or target area while minimizing radiation dose to normal tissues.
  • HDR is temporary brachytherapy. After the treatment, the radiation source is removed from the body, which eliminates radiation exposure to others.
  • For women with uterine or cervical cancer, the HDR catheter is inserted into the body through the vagina. The cancer is irradiated from inside the body, so it does not pass through healthy tissues and organs.
  • HDR treatments have minimal side effects.
  • Several short treatments may be necessary depending on the severity or location of the cancer.

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