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Virtual Care

Virtual Care at LCMC Health

LCMC Health uses the latest technologies to keep our patients connected and to increase access for our communities.

Telehealth / Virtual Care

Learn about Video Visits or schedule your On-Demand Virtual Care visit now.

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Remote Monitoring for Chronic Conditions

Manage your chronic conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes, from home. Record your vitals as directed, and our care team will monitor your progress and reach out if needed.

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Home Monitoring for Maternal Health

Pregnant and postpartum women can be enrolled in our monitoring program for the duration of her pregnancy and the weeks after delivery. Patients enrolled in the program routinely log their vitals at home and report any symptoms. Our care team will monitor the values and reach out if anything seems out of the ordinary.

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Nurse Hotline

If you are feeling under the weather, have a question about your health, or need help setting up an appointment, give us a call. The Nurse Hotline is a free service for our community and your digital front door to LCMC Health services.

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