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Home Monitoring for Maternal Health

Home Monitoring for Maternal Health

Louisiana ranks as one of the lowest in maternal health outcomes. LCMC Health strives to reverse this trend and provide extraordinary care during pregnancy and beyond. Our home monitoring program tracks your blood pressure and other signs and symptoms of preeclampsia, alerting your provider if anything seems out the ordinary.

How it Works

For our patients at higher risk of gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, or preeclampsia, your provider may enroll you in an at-home monitoring program to supplement your prenatal or postpartum care.

If you have been enrolled in the myJourney app and given a blood pressure monitor at your last appointment, take your blood pressure as instructed, and our care team will reach out if anything seems out the ordinary.

If you did not get an activation text at your appointment or if you have questions, our FAQ sheet may be helpful or call us at 504.962.6202. You can also contact us by submitting the form below. If this is an emergency situation, please call 911 and seek emergency medical care immediately.

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