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The Hispanic Health Center

The Hispanic Health Center

A Hispanic based clinic for you and your family.

This Hispanic-first clinic is the first of its kind in the area and its mission is to deliver health, care, and education beyond extraordinary to the growing and historically underserved Hispanic/Latino community.

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The Centro Hispano de Salud, led by Dr. Magaly Sotres, MD, and Dr. Jose Cusco, MD, has a goal to empower Spanish-speaking patients by putting them back in charge of their own health. Through this initiative, we are removing traditional language barriers and social factors that have historically interfered with access to timely, high quality health care to the Hispanic community. Some of these patient factors include:

  • Communication with health care providers in a non-dominant language.
  • Navigation of the complex health care system.
  • Misinterpretation of providers' guidance.

The Centro Hispano de Salud emphasizes prevention and well-being through chronic disease management, screening programs, vaccinations, and the participation of various health professionals such as nutritionists, pharmacists, and social workers.

Because our clinic is completely staffed by Spanish speaking doctors, nurses, and support staff, patients seeking care through the Centro Hispano de Salud can receive help and guidance to understand the health care system.

The Centro Hispano de Salud gives the entire family an opportunity to receive extraordinary healthcare.

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