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Case Management

Case Management Services

The Case Management Team is on the go throughout West Jefferson Medical Center and can be found anywhere patients are located. Case Managers provide a wide array of services necessary for the patient’s wellbeing including care coordination, bed expediting, discharge planning, and utilization management. Most of our Case Managers are seasoned nurses or social workers dedicated to ensuring the care provided matches the needs of each individual patient.

Our Case Managers follow patients during their hospital stay from admit to discharge monitoring progress or changes in the patient’s health status. Case Managers focus on the planning and delivery of care and evaluation of results for each patient with appropriate adjustments to the plan of care to facilitate successful outcomes.

Case Managers shine at helping patients and their families navigate the health care system including assisting patients who are having difficulty finding a service or obtaining treatment. Removing barriers which block desirable outcomes is one of their specialties.

Service highlights summary:

  • Advocacy and Patient Education
  • Coordination of clinical services with other healthcare providers
  • Transition Management to assure patient phases to the appropriate level of care
  • Utilization/Financial Management
  • Outcomes Management intervening to achieve successful outcomes
  • Psychosocial Management – assessing and addressing
  • Discharge Planning - coordinate services associated with discharge or return home
  • Provide post-care follow-up