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Accessing your personal health information

Accessing Your Personal Health Information

As a patient, it’s your right to get copies of most medical records. If you’ve received care at a LCMC Hospital or see a LCMC Health physician for ongoing care you may access your medical records, by request, at any time.

Requesting your medical records is easy and can be done through MyChart Patient Portal, online request, email, fax, or mail.

How to access your medical records

MyChart Patient Portal Request

MyChart Patient Portal

Patients can immediately access provider notes, medical test results, lab reports, immunization records, billing information and appointments through MyChart patient portal.

MyChart Patient Portal Record Request

Records not found in the MyChart Patient Portal may be requested and received through the portal.

If you already have an active MyChart account with LCMC Health, you can request a copy of your records.

  1. Log on to MyChart.
  2. Navigate to the Menu, then choose “Request a copy of my medical records”
  3. Complete the form
  4. Click “Submit request”

Average turnaround time is 5-7 business days. Requested medical records can be accessed through the “document center” in MyChart. Once you get the PDF, you can save it to your personal computer.
If you do not have an active MyChart account with LCMC Health

  1. On the MyChart main web page, click on Sign Up
  2. Click No Activation Code, “Sign up online”
  3. Complete the requested information and click Submit. You will receive an email back with your activation code on how to activate your MyChart account.
  4. Once you can log into MyChart, follow the previous steps on submitting a request for your medical records.

Call (866) 662-6161 for assistance with MyChart.

MyHealthONE Portal (Tulane, Lakeside and Lakeview Hospitals Only)

Requesting your medical records

We offer several ways to request your medical records depending on the type of information you need and format.

MyHealthONE patient portal

MyHealthOne consolidates many common tasks into one secure, easy-to-use online patient portal. It gives you access to most of your medical records on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day. Some medical records may only be available through our hospital Medical Records office. MyHealthOne is currently not available for accounts after 12/31/2022. Record requests for visits after 12/31/2022, click here.

Access Patient Portal

Download the MyHealthONE app

You can download the MyHealthOne app in the App Store and on Google Play to access your health information. MyHealthOne is currently not available for accounts after 12/31/2022. Record requests for visits after 12/31/2022, click here.

Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store

Online Request without a Portal

Online Patient Request with eXpress

LCMC Health now offers an online records request option without needing to sign up for a patient portal. You will need to upload a copy of your photo ID, which can be taken via webcam or smartphone device. Patient Representatives (healthcare POA, legal guardian, executive of estate, etc.) will need to upload supporting documentation. This online tool will let you request all your records.


Call this number for assistance with eXpress (610) 994-7500.

Email, Fax or Mail

Print and fill out the authorization to release form and email, mail, or fax, along with a copy of your photo ID. Patient Representatives (Healthcare POA, legal guardian, executive of estate, etc.) should include supporting documentation. Average turnaround time from recipient is 7 business days. Authorization forms and contact information is listed below.

The HIM Department has centralized contact information for the following facilities:

  • Children’s Hospital New Orleans (and affiliated clinics)
  • East Jefferson Medical Centers (and affiliated clinics)
  • New Orleans East Hospital (and affiliated clinics)
  • Lakeside Hospital (and affiliated clinics)
  • Lakeview Hospital (and affiliated clinics)
  • Touro Infirmary New Orleans (and affiliated clinics)
  • Tulane Medical Center (and affiliated clinics)
  • University Medical Center New Orleans (and affiliated clinics)
  • West Jefferson Medical Center (and affiliated clinics)

Release of Information Forms:

Phone: 844.324.6205
Fax: 504.962.7016

Mailing Address:

University Medical Center – HIM Department

2000 Canal Street

New Orleans, LA 70112

Our mailing address is a centralized physical mailing address.

Envelopes should be addressed to UMC, but request letters and signed authorizations must be addressed to the appropriate LCMC Health hospital location listed above.

Incorrectly labeled request letters and authorizations may be returned to the requesting party.

Contact information

For more information or assistance with your medical records, call our Team at 844.324.6205

Authorization for the release of protected health information

All requests for medical records must be fully completed and signed to the patient or patient’s representative. After the properly executed authorization has been received, our team will review for all required elements and processes in accordance with federal and state laws governing your privacy and medical records. Please allow 5 – 7 days for this process. For your convenience we offer delivery electronically or records can be mailed to the address listed on the authorization. Please see request forms in the “How to access your medical records” section above.

Cost for paper and electronic copies of your Medical Record

  • Record requested and delivered through the MyChart Patient Portal – No Charge
  • Records send directly to another healthcare provider – No charge
  • Records delivered via email, mail, fax, or in person to the patient - $6.50 plus tax
  • Records delivered to an insurance company, attorney, or other third party – Applicable fee will be charged to the requestor.

Records for your physician

If your physician is on staff at a LCMC Health site, they may access your medical records from their office without you facilitating this request. If the office has requested that you personally request the medical records from LCMC Health then we can fax the records to your physician's office at no charge to you, once you complete the authorization for the Release of Protected Health Information Form in detail ensuring the following items are included:

  • Physician Name
  • Complete Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number

A form must be completed for each physician who may need your records mailed or faxed.

Insurance requests/attorney requests/disability requests

Requests should be sent from insurance companies, attorney, or Departments of Disability Determination Services and mailed to the address on our authorization. All charges for medical records will be billed to the requestor.

Your rights and access to personal health information

LCMC Health recognizes the patient's right to access and obtain copies of their protected health information (PHI) in accordance to HIPAA laws. (Code of Federal Regulation 164) as well as Louisiana State Statutes.