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There’s no I in volunteer. But there is a “u”!

Everyone wants to be happy, but there’s a funny thing about happiness: you’ve got to give it to receive it. In other words, the thing that makes people happy is making people happy. Yes, this is an oversimplification but one that contains a lot of truth.

And studies have confirmed what countless people already discovered: Giving to others has mental and physical health benefits, including alleviation of stress, anxiety, and depression. It keeps you mentally stimulated and provides a sense of purpose. This explains the allure of volunteering, and why people who volunteer once often become habitual volunteers. They found their path to happiness through helping others.

At LCMC Health, not least among the many difficulties of the COVID-19 has been the absence of our beloved volunteer community. Fortunately, with the easing of restrictions we’ve been welcoming volunteers back into our hospitals, but we need more. We need you!

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We have programs for adult and junior volunteers, with placements in almost every hospital department, so you can find the way to contribute that most appeals to you.

Check out highlights from some of our dedicated volunteers.