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Learner Opportunities

Learner opportunities at LCMC Health

LCMC Health holds academic affiliations with hundreds of schools and programs---not just within the state of Louisiana, but nationwide. All students participating in training at LCMC Health must be covered by an up-to-date academic affiliation agreement with the student’s school and program.

Interested in student training at LCMC Health? Check to see if your school and program currently hold active affiliation agreements with LCMC Health; click here.

If you don’t see your school listed, complete the Request for Academic Affiliation with LCMC Health. Once the request is received, LCMC Health will launch the agreement process with your school. This process may take up to one month to complete and does not guarantee capacity for clinical experience.

Visiting Medical Students & Visiting Resident/Fellow Physicians

LCMC Health accepts visiting medical students through our academic affiliations with LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and Tulane University School of Medicine. We do not accept visiting medical student or visiting resident rotation requests outside of our affiliated medical schools. Current, prospective, or prior medical students and residents must work with LSUHSC or Tulane SOM’s medical education offices to explore pathways for education through either or both schools.

All requests for a visiting medical student rotations should be made through the Association of American Medical Colleges Visiting Medical Student Learning Opportunities Program (VSLO).

Undergraduate & Graduate Students Seeking Observation/Shadow Hours

The purpose of observation/shadow hours is to allow undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to explore various healthcare professions.

Observation/Shadow experiences must meet the following criteria:

  • Limited to high school students >16yrs; college students or graduate/post graduate students who are considering a career in healthcare.
  • Excludes students currently enrolled in medical school, residency/fellowship and/or any other healthcare profession school.
  • The observer must secure a specific LCMC Health healthcare professional in good standing who agrees to provide supervision & oversight during the experience.
  • Observation/Shadow experiences should be no more than 20 hours in length
  • Experience in the operating room and behavioral health units is excluded, unless specifically granted in accordance with policy

View our Observation/Shadow Experience FAQs here

How to apply for Observation/Shadow Experience at LCMC Health

  1. Learners must procure their own supervisor and submit the name of the supervisor at the time of application. LCMC will verify the experience with the supervisor. LCMC Health does not have a placement program for observation/shadow requests that have not already secured a supervisor.
  1. Learners must obtain, complete and submit an Observer/ Shadowing Application Packet
  1. Prior to any observational experience, the observer must complete and return: i. A completed application with all required and signed documents.

Completed application packets should be submitted to the designated LCMC Health Hospital Point/s of Contact for your requested observation/shadow experience. An application should be completed and submitted for each hospital you are requesting an observation/shadow experience. Hospital Points of Contact can be found below.

LCMC Health Hospital Points of Contact

Children's Hospital
Volunteer Services,
East Jefferson General Hospital
Johnnie Adams, Medical Staff, Johnnie
Lakeside Hospital
Requests for shadowing a physician, APP or PA >>> Medical Staff; all others routed through Risk Management
Lakeview Hospital
Kelly Engerran, Clinical Professional Development Educator,
New Orleans East Hospital
Tanya Sordelet-Jordan, Organizational Learning and Staff Development Coordinator,
Elois Williams, Human Resources,
Tulane Medical Center
Requests for shadowing a physician, APP or PA >>> Medical Staff and Kelly Crowder; all others routed through Risk Management
University Medical Center
Education Office;
West Jefferson Medical Center
Requests for shadowing a physician, APP or PA >>> Medical Staff Medical Staff; all others routed through Human Resources,,