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Keeping you well... live your best life.

We’ve all got plans for our lives. There are big plans and small plans, life plans, five-year plans and weekend plans, best-laid plans and backup plans. Whatever you have planned, your health must be part of the plan.

At LCMC Health, we help people get the most out of life. That means keeping you well. And not just you, but your friends and neighbors, too. It's what we do, from births to surgeries to checkups to emergencies, through more than two million patient visits each year. And we're not slowing down. With thousands of healthcare professionals at work across our many hospitals, urgent care clinics, and physician practices, comprising a $1 billion investment and counting, LCMC Health is making extraordinary care an expectation.

We're working to keep you well so your life goes to plan.

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Live it up!

Life's got moments small and big. There are quiet, everyday moments and loud, joyful moments. (Living where we live, we get more than our fair share of those.) Making the most of all of life's moments means staying ready when the moment arrives, and that means staying on top of your health. At LCMC health this is our focus.

Why we're keeping you well

For LCMC health's thousands of healthcare professionals, your health is our mission. Hear from individual providers about what inspires them to keep our patients well.