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Imaging at LCMC Health

An Inside Look at Your Insides

You have your own flair. That’s easy to see. You love to pass a good time and wear bright, funky colors. But when it comes to your health, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Fortunately for New Orleans residents, LCMC Health offers accurate imaging services in the heart of The Big Easy.

Our radiologists have the expertise you need to get at the heart of your health issue with leading-edge diagnostic equipment. Convenient hours and locations mean you get your results fast so you and your doctor can decide which treatment plan works best for you.

Radiology is more than broken bones

Imaging technology has changed medicine dramatically. It screens for health problems and improves patient care. Today, imaging helps in nearly every area of care, from diagnosing conditions to guiding surgeons as they operate to allowing moms to keep an eye on the health of their soon-to-be-born Louisiana babies.

A few things imaging at LCMC Health is used to visualize include:

  • Breast, colon and other cancers
  • Broken bones, osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions
  • Development of unborn babies
  • Gastrointestinal tract function and disease
  • Joint damage from wear and tear or trauma
  • Heart and vascular function and disease
  • Lung and kidney function and disease
  • Source of swelling, infection or pain

Learn more about our radiology services near you:
East Jefferson General Hospital
New Orleans East Hospital
West Jefferson Medical Center

Imaging that’s nearby

At LCMC Health, imaging technology isn’t just close to home. It’s also high-tech and high quality. Our skilled radiologists and radiology technicians have one goal: give you a great experience and quick results.

Our facilities offer a variety of imaging scans on-site, including:

  • CT—Takes X-ray images and compiles them into a 3D image
  • Mammography—X-ray images that help identify breast cancer
  • MRI—Visualize organs, your brain and more with magnets and radio waves
  • Nuclear medicine—Imaging that analyzes organ and tissue function with a special dye that shows up in the images
  • Ultrasound—A technology that uses sound waves to show unborn babies and internal organs
  • X-ray—Used to view broken bones and other injuries

Don’t wait to need imaging studies. Find a primary care provider at LCMC Health today.

Imaging that’s more than high-tech

Quality imaging requires a lot of advanced technologies. We have a lot of those at LCMC Health, and we know how to use them.

While we offer advanced imaging technology, the machines don’t make us special. Our people do.

No matter which imaging exam you need, our experts treat you with compassion. They make sure you understand the process, help keep you comfortable and minimize anxiety throughout the process. Once your exam is finished, their work isn’t done. They help you understand your results and guide you toward the best next step.

For radiology services with a personal touch, look no further than LCMC Health. Find a location near you.