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Empowering the Future of Medicine: The 15 White Coats and New Orleans East Hospital Join Forces Again!

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Empowering the Future of Medicine: The 15 White Coats and New Orleans East Hospital Join Forces Again!

The journey to becoming a medical professional is a challenging yet rewarding path, and for the second consecutive summer, New Orleans East Hospital (NOEH) proudly collaborated with The 15 White Coats to illuminate this road to aspiring young minds. This incredible partnership was conceived through the efforts of Daphne William, the Director of NOEH's esteemed summer internship program, and Brian Washington Jr., a dedicated Community Health Worker at NOEH and the Operations Manager of The 15 White Coats.

Brian's journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Working diligently as a Community Health Worker at NOEH for the past year, Brian pursued his dream of attending medical school. Now, with his acceptance to Tulane School of Medicine as an incoming first-year medical student, he had the unique opportunity to directly share his experiences, insights, and wisdom about the medical school application process to NOEH’s summer interns. In addition, Brian was accompanied by two of his fellow classmates, Alexys and Solomon, both equally passionate about their medical school journey.

The engagement between The 15 White Coats and the NOEH summer internship program fostered an atmosphere of mentorship and guidance. Aspiring young minds eager to tread the path of medicine, had the privilege to listen to firsthand accounts of the challenges and triumphs that accompany the pursuit of a medical career. Brian, Alexys, and Solomon candidly discussed their experiences, struggles, and the joy of reaching their goal of gaining acceptance into medical school.

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Takeisha Davis, the CEO of New Orleans East Hospital, who offered her words of wisdom and encouragement. Her mentorship not only inspired the summer interns; it left an indelible impact on Tulane's student doctors.

The collaboration between The 15 White Coats and NOEH exemplifies a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of medical professionals. By imparting knowledge and guidance, the initiative aims to create a strong foundation for these aspiring students, preparing them for the challenges and rewards that lie ahead in their medical careers.

NOEH remains dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services and cultivating an environment of learning and growth within the community. The continued partnership with The 15 White Coats serves as a testament to this commitment.

As we celebrate this wonderful collaboration, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Daphne William, Brian Washington Jr., and Dr. Takeisha Davis, whose passion and dedication have made this mentorship initiative possible. Together, they have illuminated the path to medicine, empowering young minds to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

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About The 15 White Coats
The mission of The 15 White Coats is to promote cultural imagery in learning spaces, provide economic support to minorities aspiring to be physicians, and to promote culturally-appropriate literature access in learning spaces.