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Ear Nose Throat

Specialty care for the ear, nose, and throat at Lakeside Hospital

The sounds of jazz. The smells of blooming magnolias. The flavors of a seafood boil. New Orleans is a sensory experience in every way. Which is why you need expert care when symptoms interfere with your senses.

At Lakeside Hospital, our ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists, also called otolaryngologists, use the latest technologies and treatments for ENT care. From allergies to a ringing in the ears—we’re here to help you get well. And back to the party.

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What is otolaryngology?

Otolaryngology is an area of medicine that studies ear, nose, and throat disorders. We call a doctor who specializes in these disorders an ENT doctor, ENT specialist, or otolaryngologist. ENT doctors offer basic medical treatment, as well as surgery.

The ENT surgeons at Lakeside Hospital have experience in both traditional surgery and minimally invasive robotic surgery. With less invasive surgery techniques, you often recover faster—with less pain and scarring. Our team also has neurotology subspecialists. They focus on brain disorders that affect the ear.

ENT services and treatments at Lakeside Hospital

Access ENT treatments for conditions, such as: