Chris Granger

The front porch is the place to see and be seen

Photojournalist Chris Granger is documenting the peak in front-porch peoplewatching

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“The porch is a place for people to gather,” said Times-Picayune photojournalist, Chris Granger. But Granger’s photo series, “Front Porch Chronicles,” didn’t begin as a news assignment. On an evening walk with his wife and pups, Granger noticed an unusual number of people on their porches. He was particularly struck by one family enjoying a complete candle-lit dinner on their porch, so he snapped a few photos on his phone and it sparked the idea for this series. Since then, he’s documented these vignettes across the city and asked each subject two simple questions: How is your life on the front porch different? And what thoughts would you offer to your family and friends during this time?

Over the years, Granger said he’s often reminded of how much we have in common, but this project has amplified that idea.

“We all share the same fears and hope for a safe return to our normal lives,” he said. “It feels like this slowdown has forced everyone to take stock of what really matters to them, and pay a bit more attention to our health. I hope that continues, even after life goes back to normal.”

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