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Uterine Sarcoma: Symptoms

What are the symptoms of uterine sarcoma?

The main symptom of uterine cancer is unusual vaginal bleeding or other vaginal discharge. This may be heavy bleeding during your periods, bleeding in between your periods, bleeding after sex, or bleeding after menopause. After menopause, it’s not normal for any amount of vaginal bleeding to occur. Report any abnormal bleeding to your healthcare provider right away. Finding uterine sarcoma while it’s small and before it has spread makes it easier to treat.                         

Other less common symptoms include: 

  • Pain or a feeling of fullness in the pelvic area or lower belly (abdomen) 

  • A mass or tumor in the vagina that you can feel

  • The need to pass urine often (frequency)

When to see your healthcare provider

These symptoms are more commonly caused by other health problems. But it’s important to see a healthcare provider if you have these symptoms. Only a healthcare provider can tell if you have cancer.