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Wellness Resources for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People

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Wellness Resources for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People

When it comes to health and wellness, transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people have unique needs that may differ from those of other LGBTQ+ identities, and of course from the population at large.

Fortunately, TGNC New Orleanians can rest assured knowing that specific resources are available in our city and the surrounding areas to address their holistic needs—from physical and mental to emotional and spiritual.

If you’re a TGNC person who needs support, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of these trusted organizations.

LCMC Health

Your physical health is of utmost importance, which is why our team of culturally competent physicians is here to keep all TGNC people well.

Our physicians work across practice areas to provide you with a specific care plan that meets your body’s needs. We’ll help you navigate important health topics, from HIV testing and prevention to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

We know talking to a specialist can be scary—especially when checkups related to certain organs can cause gender dysphoria—but LCMC Health is committed to creating a comfortable and safe environment every step of the way. If you’re not sure how to talk to your doctor about your TGNC identity, have no fear: you can use these easy tips to navigate this important conversation.

Find a provider near you so we can help you champion your own health, today and every day.

Louisiana Trans Advocates

This social support and advocacy organization doesn’t just show up for TGNC in legislative forums. Louisiana Trans Advocates (LTA) also helps TGNC people navigate everyday challenges, such as mental health, faith, and documentation.

If you’re in Greater New Orleans, you can join a virtual support group on the third Sunday of every month. These meetings are limited to TGNC people—meaning no sit-ins for educational purposes—so that each forum is secure, safe, honest, and welcoming. If you aren’t in Greater New Orleans, LTA hosts additional in-person and virtual support groups throughout the state. You can use the online support group directory to find and register for a group near you.

LTA also maintains a name change fund to help TGNC legally change their names and official documentation. While the fund cannot cover legal fees, it can cover the cost of tasks like filing a name change petition and securing a new birth certificate and driver’s license.

New Orleans Lambda Center

Research shows that factors like discrimination and harassment can make LGBTQ+ people more likely to struggle with substance use and mental health issues. Remember: if you’re struggling with addiction, you’re not alone.

New Orleans Lambda Center hosts several 12-step program meetings for queer people every week to provide a safe, nonjudgmental forum for discussions about alcoholism, gambling, drug use, recovery, and more. Check the meeting schedule for information about the next meetup, and be sure to talk with your LCMC Health physician about any ongoing challenges that could affect your health.


Are you a TGNC elder in need of age-specific support and resources? If so, New Orleans Advocates for LGBTQ+ Elders (NOAGE) is here to help.

Another one of LCMC Health’s LGBTQ+ community partners, NOAGE hosts community building activities to help aging queer people stay connected, active, and supported. The organization hosts social gatherings like potluck dinners and book clubs, promotes physical health through walking groups and other outdoor initiatives, and provides competency and training workshops for care providers.

Sign up for NOAGE updates to stay informed about the latest offerings and events, or get more information by emailing

NOLA Transgender Institute

While not all TGNC people will choose to have gender affirming surgery, for some it’s an important step toward feeling secure in their gender identity. Of course, such a major decision comes with major questions, and TGNC people need those questions answered before choosing to pursue surgery.

The NOLA Transgender Institute is comprised of medical professionals encompassing multiple practice areas and specialties within the spectrum of gender affirming care. The institute provides a wealth of information on transfeminine surgery, transmasculine surgery, and facial procedures to help you understand the process and results of each procedure. They can also connect you with physicians who can answer your questions and determine the best next steps for you.

You can book a free consultation to discuss everything from covering the costs of care to fertility preservation. They even provide a checklist of questions you should ask your doctor to ensure you’re as prepared as possible before moving forward with gender affirming surgery.

Did you find these resources helpful? Bookmark them for future reference, or share them with a friend who could benefit from this information.