Meg Vitter

Vice President of Population Health & Network Development at LCMC HealthMeg Vitter, Vice President of Population Health and Network Development

Meg Vitter is the Vice President of Population Health & Network Development for LCMC Health. Working to encourage and develop the best health initiatives for the greatest

well-being in the community’s population, she focuses constantly working towards greater value for the system and greater health for the community. Meg also oversees LCMC Health’s clinically integrated network and population health organization.

A native New Orleanian, Meg spent many years working in Boston before returning to this area. She joined the LCMC Health family in 2014 where – with her excellent communication and problem-solving skills, and her unwavering dedication to finding ways to ensure that LCMC Health’s goals are aligned with those of the citizens where health care is concerned – she works tirelessly to advance the best possible care conditions and health opportunities for the community.

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