At LCMC Health, you are more than a survivor.

As a disease that affects approximately 1 in 8 women in the United States during her lifetime, breast cancer is personal to each of us.

Our team of expert caregivers work relentlessly to ensure breast cancer won’t define you, label you, or categorize you.

It’s why we're focused on providing the very best breast cancer care with cutting edge technology and expertise, so you can focus on all of the ways you define yourself: Mother. Wife. Daughter, Creator. Dreamer. Doer. Believer.

To us, those words will always come before a new way to define yourself: Cancer survivor.

Screening is Key!

The goal of breast cancer screening is to detect cancer at the earliest possible stage, when it is most treatable. This video takes a look at the three components of breast screening—a breast self-exam, a clinical exam by your doctor, and a mammogram. Tap here to watch.

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