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Hearing Tests on the West Bank

Hearing loss is very common, especially for patients entering their senior years. At West Jefferson Ear, Nose and Throat, our audiology department can evaluate the extent of hearing loss and recommend treatment to help you overcome it, but our services go beyond simple hearing tests. We can also provide treatment for balance problems, educate you on the early signs of hearing loss, recommend hearing aids, help prevent frequent ear infections, clean excess ear wax, diagnose and treat tinnitus disorders, and much more.

Symptoms of hearing loss

Hearing loss is not easy to notice in the early stage. Loss of hearing usually occurs gradually, making it difficult for people to notice their hearing is degrading. Thankfully hearing loss can be treated at any time, but if you rely on hearing for work or school then this can be a problem.

Some signs someone is losing their hearing include:

  • Difficulty hearing consonants like “sh” and “ch”
  • Listening to TV or music at high volumes
  • Difficulty hearing people in large crowds
  • Complaining that people mumble too much
  • Problems in school or paying attention
  • Difficulty answering simple questions
  • Staring at lips when people talk to try and figure out what they are saying

In many cases, people are not aware they are having hearing problems until someone points out how hard it is to talk to them. Children especially have a difficult time realizing their difficulty hearing is a medical problem. You should talk to a friend or loved one if you believe they have symptoms of hearing loss.

Treatment for hearing loss

There is no cure for hearing loss yet, but that does not mean it cannot be treated. Hearing aids and cochlear implants can help someone obtain a normal level of hearing. Hearing aids are minimally invasive and can be custom fitted for each patients. Our audiologists can provide you or your loved ones with a hearing loss assessment and discuss treatment options.

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