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Extraordinary Together Community Support

Extraordinary Together Community Support

Steven Nelson, MD - Interim Chancellor LSU Health New Orleans

“This unique partnership will bring together highly trained specialists in a multidisciplinary approach combined with advanced medical technology that will offer the best patient outcomes for complex, life-threatening diseases. Together, we will conduct innovative research leading to critical advancements to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Our city and state will reap the benefits of the engine that will drive robust economic development, generating good jobs and enormous economic impact.”

Troy Carter, Sr – Congressman Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District

“This is a pivotal moment not just for Tulane University and LCMC Health, but also for the wider community’s health and wellness,” said Congressman Troy Carter. “This extraordinary partnership will allow these powerhouse institutions to combine their collective strengths to not only reach more patients, but also to enhance patient care to the highest level. The long-term potential of this partnership’s impact on the clinical, economic, and educational innovation is enormous, and I am thrilled to celebrate this partnership that will help improve quality of life across the entire region.”

Michael Hecht – President & CEO of Greater New Orleans Inc.

“The proposed partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University helps to realize a long-held held vision by many, including myself, of transforming our region into a hub for destination healthcare. With these investments, our region will have increased access to the latest medical breakthroughs and clinical trials that are intrinsic to academic medical centers. Jefferson Parish will gain a world-class academic medical center at East Jefferson General Hospital, with an estimated economic impact of nearly $475M. Tulane University can build on its historic investment to grow its downtown campus, with a vision of becoming a world-renowned research and innovation powerhouse. And patients in St. Tammany, Jefferson, and Orleans parishes, and the entire region and state, will receive state-of-the-art, enhanced care from a locally owned, non-profit system. There is much to be excited about when you look at the collaboration between LCMC Health, LSU, and Tulane, from the estimated 2,300 jobs that will be created, to the thousands of lives that will be improved.”

Dr. Karen B. DeSalvo – Chief Health Officer, Google

“It is wonderful to see the collaboration between LCMC Health, LSU and Tulane. This announced partnership stands to propel Louisiana to the national stage for quality care, research and community health impact!”

Cynthia Lee Sheng – Jefferson Parish President

“This partnership will greatly benefit the residents of Jefferson Parish because many services will shift to East Jefferson General Hospital, creating more opportunities for comprehensive, integrated care at a local facility that can support new growth and provide an enhanced patient experience”.
See the full press release.

Tim Kerner – State Representative, House District 84

“Since it first began operating hospitals in Jefferson Parish in 2015, LCMC Health has proven to be a trusted, valuable healthcare partner for our people, and I am proud to support the proposed partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University. Jefferson Parish stands to gain tremendously, both through the anticipated $474 million in economic impact and $220M in investments to hospital infrastructure. Jefferson Parish is world-class, and we deserve a world-class academic medical center.”

Michael Williamson – CEO, United Way of Southeast Louisiana

“Two powerful, and local, institutions uniting for the greater good through equitable access to healthcare. This instills hope in me!”

Clay Schexnayder – Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives

"Investing in the communities they call home is part of the DNA of both LCMC Health and Tulane University. With a shared vision for world class healthcare and the best in academic medicine, our entire region stands to benefit from putting these three hospitals in the hands of a strong local nonprofit."

Freddie King, III – New Orleans Councilmember, District C

“I am excited Tulane University will partner with LCMC Health in creating new opportunities to grow our medical sector and better serve all New Orleanians. LCMC Health and Tulane University, together with LSU Health, will grow the pipeline of physicians, nurses and others who will make New Orleans the place they live and practice for decades to come. LCMC Health and Tulane University both have long demonstrated their commitment to our city through community initiatives such as the Children’s Hospital New Orleans’ ThriveKids program and Tulane’s Louisiana Community Engagement Alliance (LA-CEAL). This new partnership is a continuation of their commitment, and it will help attract and keep people in our community by bringing new jobs and improving access to healthcare. I offer my full support and look forward to the community benefits it will provide.”

Newell Normand – WWL AM Radio Host and former Jefferson Parish Sheriff

“I have both personal and professional experience with East Jefferson General Hospital, and I could not be more supportive of the proposed partnership between its parent LCMC Health and Tulane University. My mother received care at EJ for stage four lung cancer more than seven years ago. She was given six months to live. The top notch care she received from EJ’s doctors and nurses turned around her quality of life, and she is still alive today. This partnership will transform EJ into an academic medical center that will attract the best and the brightest healthcare professionals to our area so we can continue providing excellent care. The Tulane and LCMC Health partnership brings something to the table that didn’t exist before. The partnership will broaden and deepen the level of service and delivery of care and give the community more options. This partnership’s proposed investments in downtown are masterful. Investing in our healthcare corridor will benefit our entire region in a tremendous way. It is a difference maker for us here in the city of New Orleans.

Newell Normand – WWL AM Radio Host and former Jefferson Parish Sheriff

“This is masterful – this creates the very balance that we need…this will benefit our community in a big way. I really believe that healthcare corridor is something that is a difference maker for us here in the city of New Orleans.”

JP Morrell – New Orleans Councilmember At-Large

“It’s long overdue that Tulane University partner with a non-profit that understands our community and the importance of the academic mission. That partner is LCMC Health. Their proposed partnership brings two premiere organizations together to advance healthcare for all. Healthcare and hospitals is a tough business. And we need local groups like LCMC Health that care about our community. I am fully supportive of this exciting new direction.”

Cameron Henry – State Senator, Senate District 9

“The Tulane University / LCMC Health partnership has all the potential to transform our region. These institutions have track records of investing in jobs and facilities, causing a powerful economic ripple effect. This, coupled with the research in partnership with LSU, is a game change for Louisiana.”

Lesli D. Harris – New Orleans City Councilmember, District B

“I am so thrilled for Tulane University to strengthen its longstanding partnership with LCMC Health. Healthcare is local, and the Tulane hospitals will be in good hands as members of the LCMC Health family. For years, LCMC Health has worked to build comprehensive and specialty services for ALL New Orleanians, benefiting the health and economic stability of families and the City. That gives LCMC Health a unique understanding of what we need next in the medical and research fields. I know this partnership will leverage making the best use of the TMC facility, creating new jobs and supporting our local education, innovation and research landscape. So many incredible opportunities for growing our region’s medical presence await. I offer my full support and congratulations."

Jimmy Harris – State Senate, Senate District 4

“These two Louisiana non-profits are strengthening a long-standing relationship to expand opportunities to train the next generation of physicians, nurses and scientists, accelerating the journey to make Louisiana a destination for healthcare.

Here are the powerful economic figures involved:

  • $220 Million for New Academic Medical Center: LCMC Health has committed to an initial capital investment of $220 million in the operations of East Jefferson General Hospital to build a premier academic medical center, as well as in the operations of Lakeside Hospital and Lakeview Hospital .
  • Approximately $600 Million in Downtown Improvements: Tulane University is committed to investing approximately $600 million into downtown New Orleans, including new construction and enhancements. This represents a one-time impact of $1 billion on the Louisiana state economy.
  • 2,300+ New Jobs: Tulane University’s downtown investment includes a revitalization of the Charity Hospital building and repurposing of the Tulane Medical Center building. The downtown campus will become a thriving center of cutting-edge research and innovation, adding more than 2,300 jobs across New Orleans and Louisiana.
  • $474 Million in Economic Value for Jefferson Parish: It is anticipated that Jefferson Parish will see more than $474 million in economic value.

This is a much needed economic stimulus for Louisiana, adding to the momentum of a growing portfolio of transformational efforts in healthcare at institutions like LSU.

LCMC Health and Tulane University have earned my and our community’s trust and confidence, and I am fully supportive of their intent to partner.”

Mayor LaToya Cantrell – City of New Orleans

"The collaboration between LCMC Health and Tulane University is the culmination of years of tireless work dating back to my time on the New Orleans City Council. New Orleans, like cities across the globe, serve as incubators of innovation and progress. The uniting of these two well-respected institutions will create a biomedical epicenter where health care, education and job creation converge, which will continue the momentum my administration started to reimagine our downtown and diversify New Orleans’ economy.”

Jennifer Van Vrancken – Councilmember, Jefferson Parish

“The proposed partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University is phenomenal news for Jefferson Parish and the region. Just two years ago, LCMC Health provided a major win to patients, providers and employees when it purchased East Jefferson General Hospital. Their focus on our local community and high-quality healthcare access earned them overwhelming support from the East Bank and beyond, putting the future of East Jefferson on solid ground.”

Helena Moreno – Councilmember At large, New Orleans

“Both LCMC Health and Tulane University have a long history in our community of healing our residents and helping our economy grow. Now that they are one team, the city and its people will not only get the added benefit of lower healthcare costs and improved quality of care, but also the further revitalization downtown as it spurs future investment and innovation.”

Candace Newell – State Representative

“Since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen firsthand the need for high-quality, local, specialized healthcare. Many of my friends and family went to hospitals in the LCMC Health system, and I can attest to their compassionate care and focus on health equity. The announced partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University will enable improvements in health equity, provide economic opportunity for communities of color, and take New Orleans’ healthcare offerings to the next level.”

Ruth W. Lawson – President of the Jefferson Chamber of Commerce

“The Jefferson Chamber works every day to advocate and serve as a strong force in supporting a thriving business industry in Jefferson Parish. The LCMC Health – Tulane University partnership is an incredibly exciting moment for businesses and our community at large. It is anticipated that Jefferson Parish will see more than $474 million in economic value as a result. The development of world-class academic medical centers by Tulane University, LSU Health, and LCMC Health will be a game-changer for the region, with new treatments, cutting-edge research and technology being developed right here in Jefferson Parish. I am excited to see these two premiere organizations expand and provide economic opportunities for our businesses in Jefferson Parish.”

Marion Edwards – Jefferson Parish Councilman, Council District 1

“Having LCMC Health in Jefferson Parish has been a blessing. Their focus is on their patients, employees and our community and we are better, and healthier, for it. I wholeheartedly welcome Tulane University into Jefferson Parish and look forward to a productive partnership between these two non-profits.”

Debbie Villio – State Representative, House District 79

“I am excited to hear about LCMC Health and Tulane University’s partnership, which will bring a world-class academic medical center into Jefferson Parish. We will all benefit from this investment, and I commend these two institutions for their leadership and ability to bring this collaboration together.”

Norman Barnum – President & CEO, New Orleans Business Alliance

“We at NOLABA believe that collaborations amongst New Orleans’ anchor institutions is a critical factor for actualizing growth of our economy. The partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University exemplifies a strong focus on our greatest asset – our people, and NOLABA looks forward to supporting the strengthening of one of our premier academic medical centers (UMC), as it is a collaborative catalyst for healthcare innovation and research happening in our downtown BioDistrict.”

Mike Cooper – St. Tammany Parish President

“Undoubtedly, St. Tammany Parish will benefit from the proposed partnership between LCMC Health and Tulane University, with both organizations calling Southeast Louisiana home. This partnership means greater investment in Lakeview Hospital , which will lead to enhanced patient care and better outcomes for our people. I am proud to support this partnership and look forward to working with LCMC Health and Tulane University to ensure St. Tammany Parish has outstanding healthcare choices.”