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Spirit of Charity

Our roots at University Medical Center New Orleans run deep, all the way to the first days of Charity Hospital in 1736. The legacy of Charity Hospital is strong here at UMC, and we carry out the mission of every day – in the level of care we provide all patients and in our role in preparing and training future healthcare providers to care for our community.

Since opening our doors in 2015, UMC continues to make its own mark as a hospital that impacts patient outcomes today, while also focusing on the future of healthcare with groundbreaking research, lifesaving treatments, and enhanced care. A lot has changed since Charity Hospital first opened, but what has not changed is our commitment to providing exceptional care for everyone who needs it.

The Spirit of Charity is alive and well at UMC and we are proud of that. It is ingrained in the people of UMC – from the nurses and doctors who treat patients, to the ladies in the lobby who greet patients – and even community members who proudly proclaim, “I’m a Charity baby.” Together, we keep the Spirit of Charity alive!

50 Days of Charity

For the next 50 days, we will be counting down to the 288th anniversary of Charity Hospital and we want to hear from you!

  • Were you a doctor or nurse who trained at Charity?
  • Are you a Charity baby?
  • What’s your most memorable Charity moment?

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All Spirit of Charity
  • Yolanda Marshall patient story
    "Wow celebrating such a milestone is wonderful. For me it started at birth of course I'm a charity baby. Who would have known years later I would also become a part of the family working there. I've been a part of Charity since September 22, 1997. ..." Yolanda Marshall Milestone
  • Ellis Ruthell patient story
    "The most memorable moment was when I worked in the Radiology Dept. at Interim UMC during Hurricane Katrina. The staff worked together as a team, supported and encouraged the patients and each other during that challenging time. It was and is a ..." Ellis Ruthell Memorable
  • Joeseph Schonacher patient story
    "The spirit of charity to me means keeping our whole community well!" Joeseph Schonacher Charity
  • Catherine Simoneaux patient story
    "To me, the Spirit of Charity means continuing a legacy to serve and care for everyone in the New Orleans community by working to provide quality patient care, increasing healthcare access and equity, and creating a culture of safety at UMC" Catherine Simoneaux Spirit