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Primary Care

Caring for Your Family in New Orleans

Want to get healthy and stay healthy? Your Primary Care Team at University Medical Center New Orleans has what it takes to help.

Primary Care Benefits

The relationship you have with your primary care provider is the key to your long-term health. Your provider gets to know you and your health situation.

This understanding between you helps your doctor:

  • Provide personalized care that works for you
  • Spot your risk for future health problems
  • Work with you to get the best results from treatments
  • Provide high-quality and efficient care
  • Lower your healthcare costs

What primary care providers do

Primary care providers have training and experience in a wide range of health issues. These doctors focus on promoting good health, preventing disease and providing effective treatment when you are sick or hurt. Your provider will also team up with other healthcare providers to deliver coordinated care centered on your needs.

Some of the ways your doctor can help you live a longer and healthier life include:

  • Finding and treating common medical conditions
  • Guiding you to advanced medical care when needed
  • Helping you stay on track with health goals like losing weight or quitting smoking
  • Keeping you informed about health issues affecting your community
  • Making sure you are up to date on vaccines
  • Managing chronic conditions, such as asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, or diabetes (high blood sugar)
  • Performing wellness checkups
  • Recommending health screenings you need based on your age and health history

Call 504.702.3000 to make an appointment

Get in touch!

Give us a call at 504.702.3000 today to schedule an appointment with a primary care provider.

Primary Care Center 1 at 2003 Tulane Ave

Suite A

  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Endocrinology Clinic
  • LSU Family Medicine Clinic
  • Tulane Medicine Clinic

Suite B

  • University Medical Center Primary Care Clinic
  • Medication Assistant Therapy

Primary Care Center 2 at 1901 Tulane Ave

  • LSU Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Tulane Internal Medicine Clinic
  • Tulane Medicine-Pediatrics Clinic
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