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Be prepared when emergency strikes

Be prepared when emergency strikes

We get it—in an emergency, it’s easy to forget even the most well-known information, such as your loved one’s list of allergies. That’s why it’s crucial for you to be prepared, should an emergency happen.

Click here to download our Emergency Telephone Numbers Form

Create a simple contact list with important phone numbers and information and distribute the list to members of your household. If you have young kiddos, give babysitters, nonresident relatives, neighbors, and teachers a copy—anyone who has contact with you or is periodically responsible for your children. Post copies by each telephone and in easy-to-find places in your home, car, or work. Be sure to review the information often, updating it when necessary.

If you own a cell phone, put two different contacts in your phone under ICE for "in case of emergency," so emergency room staff can call your contacts in the event you can’t communicate. Examples could be ICE-mom or ICE-husband to identify your contact. Newer smartphones have apps that you can download to make this information easier to access. Don't rely on your smartphone, however, as it may be out of power, overlooked, or not with you at the time of the emergency. It is still critical to have additional copies of this list.

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At West Jefferson Medical Center’s Emergency Department, our facility is designed to provide immediate, expert care to patients in need of serious medical attention. And when emergencies happen, every minute counts. That’s why we offer ER Online Check-in in addition to the ER Service Pledge. This pledge is our commitment to you that our medical staff will work diligently to have you initially seen within 30 minutes of your arrival at our Emergency Room.

Save your spot in line.

Learn more about our 30-Minutes-or-Less Service Pledge.