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Emergency Care that cares about keeping you informed with ERAdvisor

Emergency Care that cares about keeping you informed with ERAdvisor

Marrero, LA (December 2023) — When faced with the need to visit the emergency room, patients prefer a seamless experience. Critical aspects for those seeking emergency medical attention often include access to information and communication, in addition to immediate care. Emergency room patients, who may already feel frightened, vulnerable, or in pain, should not be left in the dark about the status of their care.

At the beginning of this year, West Jefferson Medical Center's Emergency Department (ED) made it a priority to keep patients well-informed during their emergency room visits. In January 2023, the hospital established a partnership with the digital platform ERAdvisor to fulfill this commitment. Through ERAdvisor, both patients and their family members receive real-time updates about their emergency room experience directly on their mobile phones. They can check wait times, understand the next steps in their care, track test orders and results, request service items, provide immediate feedback, acknowledge ED team members, access patient education, schedule follow-up care, and more.

One notable feature of ERAdvisor that the ED team values greatly is the ability to receive real-time feedback. While in the emergency room, patients receive a text message inviting them to complete a brief 3-question survey about their visit. Staff members are promptly alerted to any feedback that presents an opportunity for immediate improvement in the patient's experience. Trey Plaisance, the RN Clinical Director of the Emergency Department, emphasized, “ERAdvisor has transformed the way our department views patient experience and satisfaction. It gives our patients a way to inform us of issues while they’re still in the ED, not through a post-discharge survey. This is huge in maximizing resources available to target problems in real-time.”

In a recent interview with ERAdvisor, Trey highlighted the positive impacts the platform has had on the ED. With continuous increases in patient satisfaction scores since January 2023, the staff has also experienced benefits, receiving recognition directly from patients through the platform. Trey remarked, "The significant rise in staff recognition has sparked interest from individuals in other hospital departments, inquiring about our 'secret.' Some even humorously suggest we must be cheating. No, we're simply utilizing technology that aligns with our patient experience and business objectives." Read the full interview between ERAdvisor and Trey here and learn more about emergency care at West Jefferson Medical Center by calling 504.513.3056.

About West Jefferson Medical Center

Founded in 1956, West Jefferson Medical Center (West Jefferson) is a 419-bed community hospital located in Marrero, La. As a full-service medical center, West Jefferson offers comprehensive programs for preventive, emergency, acute and rehabilitative care with a medical staff of more than 450 physicians and a complement of 1,700 employees and many volunteers. The medical center enjoys national awards for clinical excellence across many of its subspecialties.

West Jefferson is a proud member of LCMC Health, a Louisiana-based, not-for-profit hospital system serving the healthcare needs of the Gulf Coast region. LCMC Health currently manages award-winning community hospitals including Children’s Hospital, Touro, New Orleans East Hospital, University Medical Center New Orleans, and West Jefferson Medical Center.