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Pediatric Emergency Care

Expert Pediatric Emergency Care on the Westbank

West Jefferson Medical Center proudly partners with Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to offer the only dedicated pediatric emergency room on the Westbank, conveniently located within our facility. Accessible from our adult emergency room’s lobby, our pediatric ER ensures immediate assistance for little ones in need.

Get directions to our pediatric emergency room here.

West Jefferson Medical Center has partnered with Children’s Hospital of New Orleans to provide a dedicated pediatric emergency room within West Jefferson Medical Center.

Staffed round-the-clock by pediatric emergency physicians, this unit is equipped with medical technology tailored specifically for pediatric care. With seven beds available, we offer stabilization and resuscitation services for children and adolescents aged from birth to 18 years.


Our team comprises Emergency Medicine physicians with specialized training in pediatrics and/or board certification in emergency medicine. From minor ailments to critical conditions, our caring staff in the Pediatric Emergency Department is dedicated to providing high-quality care for your little ones and supporting your family through any medical emergency.

About Children’s Hospital New Orleans

Children’s Hospital New Orleans is the region’s trusted center for pediatric emergency services. In the event that a child’s condition escalates so that they need a higher level of care, this partnership makes it easier to transfer patients to Children's Hospital’s main campus location in New Orleans.