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Show up United. For our community, neighbors, and future.

Show up United. For our community, neighbors, and future.

LCMC Health kicked off our 4th annual United Way Employee Giving Campaign on February 6. We have an extraordinary opportunity to help our neighbors in need. So many are facing challenges with their health, education, and financial stability that hold them back from living a wellthy life.

Together, we can stand up today to help create better tomorrows for our neighbors in need.

We wanted to take a moment to look at why it’s so important to give back. We’ve spotlighted Ayame Dinkler, LCMC Health’s Chief Administrative Officer, who currently volunteers with the United Way. Learn more about why we should all show up united- for our community, for our future and for our neighbors.

What role do you currently play with the United Way of Southeast Louisiana?

I am honored to serve as a board member.

What inspired your involvement?

I have long respected the mission of United Way of Southeast Louisiana, but I would say my desire to join the board last year stems from three core items: leadership, commitment, and need.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana has excellent leadership. I view their leadership as very similar in approach to LCMC Health’s leadership. Michael Williamson and his team at United Way of Southeast Louisiana wake up every day thinking about how to help people, connect organizations with resources, and work to eradicate poverty in our region.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana is also deeply committed to their mission, and they live their values every day—just like we do at LCMC Health. Lastly, there is so much need. When you think about the impact of COVID-19 and Hurricane Ida, many communities are really hurting.

To me, this is one of the best and most direct ways to help communities and expand the impact of a philanthropic donation.

What has been the most rewarding part?

I joined the board shortly before Hurricane Ida hit. It was really inspiring to see United Way of Southeast Louisiana leap to action to immediately help those in need. Everything from pop-up relief stations and serving 12,500 meals during recovery, to volunteers helping rebuild.

Learn more about their impact on Hurricane Ida recovery >>

Hurricane Ida Relief Fund Progress

Almost two months after the storm, UWSELA’s Hurricane Ida Relief Fund progress includes:

  • Contributed $1 million to fund parish long-term recovery groups’ efforts.
  • Released over $600,000 in funds to provide critical resources, including supplies, financial and legal assistance.
  • Hosted 21 relief pop-ups which provided 12,500 meals from local restaurants and 3,250 gift cards to support over 8,000 families.
  • Shifted programmatic grant funding to partners in need of additional support to address relief and rebuilding needs.
  • Delivered over $250,000 and counting in mitigation supplies to hard-hit areas.
  • Mobilized volunteers through the United Way HandsOn Entergy Volunteer Center to complete 1,072 hours of service, generating over $23,000 in community savings.

In your words, why is it important to support the local United Way?

As a parent, I want the brightest future possible for my child. Too many families in our region live in poverty, impacting families and children, and limiting their opportunities. United Way’s focus on issues, like early childhood education, will have a direct impact on the next generation.

I believe United Way of Southeast Louisiana will move the needle on some of our community’s toughest challenges, and it’s an organization that I trust to put resources where they are needed.

How is the United Way impacting our local community with the dollars raised?

  • $34 million in public policy investments and savings through advocacy wins like the repeal of the pink tax and early childhood education funding.
  • $2.4 million raised to support Hurricane Ida relief and recovery efforts, including: - 21 regional relief pop-ups hosted to aid 8,400 families across 12 parishes
  • 12,500 meals served in Southeast Louisiana and purchased at market rate from local restaurants to support storm-related lost revenue
  • $300,000 in gift cards distributed to 3,000 households to help cover immediate needs like gas and temporary housing
  • $2 million in supply donations and mitigation materials delivered
  • $16 million in local community impact generated to support pandemic-related needs like childcare and housing.

How can others get involved?

Whatever you can give helps. I have committed to donating $20 from every pay period. I hope you'll join me in supporting the United Way of Southeast Louisiana. Give today >>