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Frequently Asked Questions

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Health Link Questions

What is LCMC Health Link?

LCMC Health Link (EpicCare Link) is a secure web portal that connects community physicians and associated clinical staff to information stored in our EMR for referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care from us, we’ll send notifications and updates. Health Link provides access to patients’ health records, including hospitalizations and specialist referrals, as well as real-time clinical data, for those who don’t have full Epic access.

Why sign up for LCMC Health Link?

You can place imaging and lab orders, refer your patients to LCMC Health facilities, and send messages to our providers directly from your browser. You no longer need phone or fax—we’ll send you confirmations and patient updates in real time.

Who can use LCMC Health Link?
  • Referring Physicians and Community Physicians and their support staff
  • Community-based care partners, including nursing homes, dialysis centers and long-term care facilities
  • Legal offices or agencies requesting documentation through HIM
How does Health Link work?

Health Link provides registered users with secure access to their patients’ electronic health record information and test results from LCMC Health including Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Touro Infirmary, New Orleans East Hospital and University Medical Center. West Jefferson Medical Center will be available in October 2018.

What computer equipment does Health Link require?

There’s no software or hardware to maintain, so you can concentrate on caring for your patients. You will need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high speed or DSL internet connection, and current browser edition of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Is there a fee for using Health Link?

LCMC Health provides Health Link at no cost.

What information is available within Health Link?

Health Link provides read-only access to a patient’s health record, including lab results, diagnostic test results, hospitalization records, procedural information, discharge instructions, progress notes, medications, allergies, medical history and more.

How long will other users with a relationship to the patient have access to the health record?

Other users with a temporary relationship to the patient, such as consulting and referring physicians, their staff, a regulatory agent, or a provider at a community facility (e.g., a nursing home) will have access to a patient’s LCMC Health record for 90 days following the user’s first login to Health Link.

How do I sign up for Health Link?
  1. Visit
  2. Select “To join LCMC Health Link, click here!”
  3. Complete the Affiliate Organization Application for the organization and one LCMC Health Link Individual User Application (page 8) for each user.
  4. Email the completed application to
If my organization is already using Health Link, how do I request access for a new user?

The Site Administrator must download the respective Employees or Providers applications (Utilities section), and once completed, submit them to the email specified on the application.

How do I deactivate a user in Health Link?

If a user should no longer have access to LCMC Health Link, the Site Administrator should deactivate the user record.

  1. Click Utils and then click Manage My Clinic.
  2. On the My Clinic tab, select the user you need to deactivate and click Deactivate User.
  3. Enter a comment indicating why you’re deactivating the user and click Deactivate.
  4. Call the Help Desk at 504.702.HELP to have them deactivate the active directory account.
What kind of role should I select?

Users can be granted access to one of the five following roles in Health Link.

  1. Authorizing Provider (MD, PA, NP): Select this role if you will be an authorizing provider in your practice. An authorizing provider cannot serve as the site administrator.
  2. Site Administrator (non-provider): Select this role if you are the designated site administrator for your organization. There can be more than one site administrator per organization. This role is typically the office manager. The site administrator cannot be an authorizing provider.
  3. Ordering Access (non-provider): Select this role if you would like to submit referrals and orders through Health Link.
  4. Non-Ordering Access (read-only): Select this role if you would like to view a patient’s records in Health Link. Users with this access can search any patient and will have full read-only access to chart review.
  5. Release of Information (read-only): Users with this access can only access information released by HIM and will not be able to search patients.
Who should I contact if I am having problems accessing Health Link?

You can easily reset your password here. If your problem continues to persist, please contact the IT Help Desk at 504.702.HELP to report the problem. Be sure to indicate that you are working with Health Link, so the ticket can be sent to the correct team.

How long does it take to get an account?

Once the application is submitted to, it generally it takes 7-10 business days to process the account.

Once I submit the application, what happens next?

Once the application has been approved, the Site Administrator/Office Manager will be contacted by a member of the LCMC Health team and a user ID and password will be provided for each individual user within the organization.

Is training required to use Health Link?

Training for LCMC Health Link is available online and will require approximately one hour. Once the application is processed, you will receive an email regarding your Health Link training.

Can I share my Health Link username and password with someone else?

No, when you agree to the Terms and Conditions of using Health Link, you agree to keep your username and password private. You are responsible for any activity that occurs using your user name and password. If others in your clinic or department need Health Link access, your site administrator can request access for new users.

Who can reset my password?

Users can reset their own password here. If you are not able to reset your password online, call the IT Help Desk at 504.702.HELP to assist in resetting your password.

Does Health Link help my practice attest to Meaningful Use?

No, Health Link does not address specific Meaningful User criteria, but it is a valuable tool for physician office practices and chart reviewers.

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Patient-related questions

Why can’t I see my patients in the list?

Physicians may not see some of their patients upon logging in the system the first time since the patient relationship may not be established. Physicians may choose to add these patients using the First Access functionality via Patients List tab in the application (through “Search All Patients”). Please note this functionality is available to all users, except those receiving access through HIM.

How does LCMC Health know when there is an access issue?

LCMC Health conducts audits to protect the privacy of our patients by determining who is accessing patient records. LCMC Health also performs audits when a problem is reported. The rules, audits and consequences of privacy violations have not changed with our transition to Epic. These are all outlined in the Terms and Conditions you must agree to use Health Link.

Can Health Link providers contact the LCMC Health provider who treated a patient, with questions about test results?

Yes, providers can communicate directly via Health Link’s “In Basket” feature; however, users must be mindful to enter the communication in a professional manner as any written communication is subject to disclosure in a legal proceeding. Personal communication is still the preferred method for questions related to patient care.

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