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Board of managers

  • Jennifer Bertsch, MD
  • Cherie Bragg, MD
  • Bertha Daniels, MD
  • Damon Dietrich, MD
  • Leah Douglas, MD
  • Greg Feirn, CEO of LCMC Health
  • Jennifer Hart, MD
  • Kevin Joseph, MD
  • Christopher Lege, MD
  • Angela McLean, MD
  • Ahmed Mohiuddin, MD
  • Benjamin Springgate, MD
  • Kiran Zaveri, MD
  • John Heaton, MD (Non-Voting)
  • Meg Vitter (Non-Voting)

Management team

  • John Heaton, MD, President of Clinical and System Operations
  • Meg Vitter, VP, Population Health & Network Development
  • Cheri Miller, RN, LHP Director of Care Management
  • Amy Pruim, Director of Population Health Operations
  • Lovie Rodgers, PharmD, Clinical Care Delivery and Pharmacy Director
  • Claudine Makofsky, Network Operations Manager