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Get Well Network special invite from WJMC

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Created by a cancer survivor, GetWellNetwork™ debuts in Louisiana at WJMC Tuesday, July 13 West Jefferson to launch interactive patient system

What are all the wires for? Patients and families have asked the question more than a few times this week. The answer gets a favorable response: “This month, West Jefferson Medical Center will become the first hospital in Louisiana to install and launch the interactive GetWellNetwork® patient experience system.”

“On July 13, patients will be especially invited to turn on the TVs in their room, press MENU on the remote control keyboard or pillow speaker and begin a whole new hospital experience,” Nancy R. Cassagne, CEO says. “We are proud that West Jefferson Medical Center is setting the pace in this region by bringing the system to Louisiana with our official start date of July 13.”

The GetWellNetwork was founded by a cancer survivor, someone with the intimate first hand knowledge and experience of living through a life-altering event. Channeling the energy from this personal event, GetWellNetwork has been driven by an unmitigated passion for helping hospitals improve the patient experience, GWN officials explain.

“WJMC will introduce the GetWellNetwork® interactive patient system to enhance our patients’ experiences, safety and comfort. West Jefferson Medical Center is very pleased to announce an innovative partnership with GetWellNetwork® to bring our patients a system designed for them, their families and future generations. We believe our patients, their family members and our staff will appreciate the added convenience that the GetWellNetwork system brings to a hospital stay – and we look forward to sharing it.”

Through the television, patients will use the GetWellNetwork system to:

  • Learn more about their health, procedures and medications
  • Access important information about hospital services and facilities
  • Provide feedback regarding their hospital stay
  • Watch on-demand movies

West Jefferson Medical Center first Get Well Network hospital in Louisiana July 10, 2009 

  • Email family and friends
  • Surf the Internet and More!

Learn more, see system in use in actual patient rooms on July 13 following Press Conference 10 AM.

What should patients assigned to rooms outfitted with GetWellNetwork expect?

This all-new interactive experience will enable patients to stay informed about their health, communicate with family and friends, and even combat boredom and/or get their mind off their condition through a short interval of respite with a variety of entertainment options including more than 30 on-demand Hollywood movies and 50 games. Throughout a patient’s stay at West Jefferson, they and their loved ones will have the ability to alert staff immediately of any issues or concerns, as well as give nurses and staff feedback on performance of the health team

“Patient safety, enhancing the understanding of one’s condition and plan of care and providing a more satisfying experience are the key touch points of this new experience,” Angela Greener, CAO at West Jefferson Medical Center adds. “We are most excited about the possibilities that this system offers our hospital, our patients and their families. In addition, she says, the GetWellNetwork will assist WJMC in meeting our expectations for service and quality allowing our nursing staff more time to provide direct patient care.

The hospital is in the process of installing and testing the GetWellNetwork system in designated patient rooms throughout the facility. Staff have embraced the concept and are eagerly awaiting the day installation is complete the CAO adds. “This system is an investment in patient safety and patient satisfaction. We believe our patients and families are ready for a new way, a better hospital experience where patients can be even more empowered in their own care.”

To learn more about GetWellNetwork, please visit and watch more news from West Jefferson Medical Center.