Live wellthy.

If you ask us, it’s the little extras that lead to big things in life.

Big things like health, happiness, and purpose. It’s something we call wellth
a new and more valuable currency of life.

A life that’s full of kindness, compassion, healthiness, and joy.

father son swinging among a mossy tree

What does it mean to live wellthy?

Is it a number in your bank account, or the number of blessings in your life?

Around here, we measure wealth not with commas, but with compassion.

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Building wellth starts with little extras.

Make an investment into your wellth account.

Use the "blank check" below to share your personal promise to live wellthy.

I unplug with my kids and go outside to enjoy the fresh air as much as I can!
Volunteering at my church
I block a half hour on my calendar for lunch and refuse to book meetings during that time. It's my way of honoring the value of my time.

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