What’s your little something extra?

“Little Extras” are every where at LCMC Health. Opera singers. Marathon runners. Trumpeters, piano players, and violinists. Robot-dancing recovery room nurses. Joke-telling care techs. And juggling pediatricians. It’s easy to see what makes our people so extra-extraordinary.

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Little Extras that lead to a “wellthy” life:

Around here, we believe it’s the little extras that lead to a wellthy life. Things like, spending time with family, taking a walk in the park, laughing until it hurts, or trying something new!

Check out these LCMC Health employees who are living their “wellthiest” life.

Custom made masks

Jared, RN

"Encouraging my young daughter to dream big."
Teo Hammer with his painting of a nurse showing her muscle

Suzette, Respiratory Therapist, and Jodie, Clinical Supervisor

"Finding time to catch up with good friends."
Stephanie Osborne playing music in a calm room

Jenny, Marketing, and Zach, Physician

"Getting outside and moving around makes our family happy."
Chris Granger donating supplies to hospital staff

Shelby, Patient Care Tech

"I love to go fishing with my family!"

Little Extras from our employees:

Pralines, parasols, pet whisperer - our people are full of hidden talents and surprises.

A Little Extra inspiration: tips and ideas to add some health and happiness to your day.


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