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Commitments to Our Employees

Our people make our everyday extraordinary

Our Commitments are nine promises LCMC Health makes to all team members. You may recognize some more than others - these actions are both foundational and aspirational in that they're a reflection of the organization we are, as well as a roadmap to guide future growth.

We help you belong
We bake equity and inclusion into all our processes, and we offer structured opportunities for you to deepen and diversify your connections to our community.
We hear your voice
We promise safe, equal, and transparent relationships, and we actively incorporate your perspectives, so your voice can shape our community.
We amplify your impact
We incorporate community impact in all our programming, and we give you concrete ways to invest in the people and places that matter to you.
We support your wellbeing
We design policies with an eye toward caring for caregivers, and we give you a variety of resources for investing in your own wellbeing
We reward your work
We go beyond offering benefits, and we invite you to personalize your package so it works for you.
We celebrate your contributions
We build moments to recognize both your efforts, and you as a person, into everything we do, and we reward your contributions in a way that's meaningful to you.
We set clear expectations
We design systems for frequent and transparent two-way communication, and we provide information and opportunities for you to action concrete feedback.
We progress your career
We paint a clear picture of your future here at LCMC Health, and we help you take steps to further your career goals.
We champion your growth
We create an environment where learning is easy and incentivized, and we invest in your long-term personal development as a leader and a human being.