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74 LCMC Health physicians named "Best Doctor" in their field

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74 LCMC Health physicians named "Best Doctor" in their field

NEW ORLEANS -- Seventy-four physicians from across the LCMC Health system has been named to New Orleans Magazine’s annual list of “Best Doctors.” Published in the August issue, the physicians were nominated and voted on by their peers.

The editors of New Orleans Magazine partners with Best Doctors, Inc.®, a global health company headquartered in Boston, which, according to the company, serves more than 40 million users in every major region of the world and works with the best four percent of doctors practicing in the United States to find the right diagnoses and treatment plans. Doctors are evaluated by their peers nationwide – not just by doctors in their community.

Best Doctors® contacts each doctor on the list from the previous year and asks the same question: “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, and you couldn’t treat them yourself, to whom would you refer them?” Every doctor has the opportunity both to comment (confidentially) on the other doctors included in his or her specialty and related specialties and to make additional nominations. As new names are added to the pool, each undergoes the same peer-evaluation process.

Physicians included are as follows, as listed by the hospital:

Children’s Hospital

Dr. William Accousti Dr. Kelly Gajewski Dr. Pinki Prasad

Dr. Olugbenga Akingbola Dr. Renee Gardner Dr. Dana Rivera

Dr. Diego Aviles Dr. Jessica Gautreaux Dr. Chelsey Sandlin

Dr. Brian Barkemeyer Dr. Abraham Gedalia Dr. Louis Shenk, III

Dr. Brandon Black Dr. Ricardo Gomez Dr. Ernest Siwik

Dr. Raynorda Brown Dr. Joseph Gonzales, Jr. Dr. Caroline Straatmann

Dr. Stuart Chalew Dr. Raegan Gupta Dr. Jeffrey Surcouf

Dr. Charles Coleman Dr. Stanley Hall Dr. Ann Tilton

Dr. Randall Craver Dr. John Heaton Dr. Maria Velez

Dr. Stephen Deputy Dr. George Hescock, Jr. Dr. Raymond Watts

Dr. Jane Congemi Dr. Andrew King Dr. Maria Weimer

Dr. Gary Duhon Dr. Christy Mumphrey Dr. Joaquin Wong

Dr. George Ellis, Jr. Dr. Stasi Olister Dr. Lolie Yu

Dr. Edwin Freiberg Dr. Joseph Ortenberg Dr. Scott Zander

Dr. Kenneth Paris

New Orleans East Hospital

Dr. Dominique Anwar


Dr. Jennifer Bertsch Dr. Jane Gurtler Dr. William Von Almen, II

Dr. Salvador Caputto Dr. Christopher Lege Dr. Donna Waters

Dr. Louis DuTriel Dr. Rebecca Perret Dr. Ellen Zakris

Dr. Richard Vanlangendonck

University Medical Center

Dr. Lionel Branch, Jr. Dr. Catherine Jones Dr. RohanWalvekar

Dr. Bennett deBoisblanc Dr. Peter Kastl Dr. David Welsh

Dr. Julio Figueroa Dr. Stephen Kishner Dr. Jeffrey Wiese

Dr. Jyotsna Fuloria Dr. Peter Krause Dr. Pamela Wiseman

Dr. Michael Hagansee Dr. Sonia Malhotra Dr. Rubin Zhang

Dr. John Hunt Dr. Rahul Mehta Dr. Robert Zura

Dr. David Spruill

West Jefferson Medical Center

Dr. Leslie Levenson