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Prepare to stay safe and healthy this festival season

Prepare to stay safe and healthy this festival season

Whether you’re heading to Jazz Fest, French Quarter Festival or any of the countless other festivals that take place in and around New Orleans this time of year, there’s always something fun going on during festival season. Your fun outdoor plans can quickly turn miserable if you don’t take certain precautions to stay safe and healthy. LCMC Health has five easy safety tips to help keep you at the top of your fest game.

1. Stay hydrated

Your hydration levels aren’t just a concern when you’ve been drinking alcohol. Hot temperatures and high humidity mean your body needs more water, period. If you’re outside all day, you need even more water.

Stay hydrated by carrying water with you all day. If you’re drinking alcohol, alternate a glass of water with every drink. And be on the lookout for signs of dehydration, such as:

  • Dark-colored urine

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth or skin

  • Extreme thirst

  • Fatigue

Sports drinks with electrolytes may help with mild dehydration. See a medical professional immediately for severe cases or if dehydration is suspected in a child.

2. Practice sun safety

Planning to attend a perfect outdoor fest? With our weather, it doesn’t take long for the sun to take a toll on your skin. Let the good times roll, and make sure they keep rolling by:

  • Dressing appropriately, with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and long sleeves and pants, if feasible

  • Hanging out in the shade whenever you can

  • Staying inside, if possible, at the peak of the sun’s power during midday

  • Wearing sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher during all outdoor time, even on cloudy days, reapplying frequently

3. Wash your hands (and body)

The peak of the COVID-19 pandemic may have passed, but masses of people gathered in one place still means masses of germs. Washing your hands frequently can prevent up to 20% of respiratory illnesses and up to 33% of infections that cause diarrhea—one definite way to ruin your festival fun. Wash your hands before and after eating, after using the bathroom or changing a diaper, and every time you touch something that’s likely been touched by dozens of other people. Carrying hand sanitizer can help keep your hands clean in a crowd of people. Washing your face is also crucial to lower your risk of pink eye. And washing and thoroughly drying your feet after a day of festival sweat can limit the chances of developing athlete’s foot.

If you’re going to be outside all day, don’t forget to replace your scented lotions and perfumes with insect repellent. Certain scents attract mosquitoes, and the trade-off between smelling great and itching all day probably isn’t worth it.

4. Be aware of your surroundings at festivals

You definitely don’t want to be the person going to the emergency room (ER) because you didn’t pay attention to where you were walking. On average, one in five falls causes a broken bone, head injury or other serious injury. Wear appropriate footwear, like sturdy tennis shoes or boots instead of flip-flops or heels, as you walk down Bourbon Street to easily prevent falls.

5. Don’t forget to rest

Festival season can be a lot of fun, and you’re likely to create great memories with your friends and family. It’s also important to take breaks to rest, relax or even take a nap. Adults need at least seven hours of sleep every night, and school-age children need up to 12 hours. Too little sleep and too much festival fun will only result in grumpy parents and screaming kids. Try pushing back your arrival time to allow the family to sleep in, or leaving early so everyone’s bedtime doesn’t get thrown too far off course.

Look out for your health year-round with an annual visit to your LCMC Health primary care provider. Make an appointment today.