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ShiftMed Launches Exclusive Partnership with LCMC Health to Offer Flexible, On-Demand Work Solutions to Local Nurses

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ShiftMed Launches Exclusive Partnership with LCMC Health to Offer Flexible, On-Demand Work Solutions to Local Nurses

New Orleans healthcare professionals will be able to pick up shifts at LCMC Health facilities through ShiftMed’s W2 workforce platform

McLean, Va. — November 16, 2023 - ShiftMed, the leader in on-demand workforce technology, has announced its partnership with LCMC Health, a prominent healthcare provider in New Orleans. ShiftMed’s integrated platform will be a first-of-its-kind option available to Louisiana nurses working in acute care, enabling them to access a wide array of flexible work opportunities and pick up shifts that align with where and when they want to work.

Following the pandemic, Louisiana healthcare facilities and health systems have faced significant nursing shortages. According to a report from the Louisiana Health Works Commission and Nursing Supply and Demand Council, the state is facing a shortage of 6,000 registered nurses by 2030 – a 40% decrease in available workforce. In response to this ongoing crisis, LCMC Health has implemented a range of strategic initiatives aimed at tackling staffing gaps to create sustainable, long-term healthcare solutions including the development of a healthcare profession pipeline program with 12 regional academic partners. Its partnership with ShiftMed is anticipated to improve the staffing ratios at two of its facilities.

This collaboration will assist LCMC Health facilities in filling open shifts quickly and efficiently. ShiftMed will serve as LCMC Health’s exclusive on-demand partner, offering a range of incentives to local nurses that extend beyond traditional compensation, including Instant Pay™, Guaranteed Shifts™, and seamless integration with Uber Health. ShiftMed's approach to workforce not only empowers healthcare professionals with additional benefits but plays a critical role in giving nurses greater control over their schedules.

“ShiftMed is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and changing the way they work,” said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. “Our partnership with LCMC Health marks a significant milestone in providing flexible and innovative workforce technology to Louisiana-based nurses in a way that benefits both providers, healthcare facilities, and ultimately patients.”

"At LCMC Health, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of care, and we are confident that this partnership with ShiftMed will enable our hospitals to operate even more efficiently and smoothly while creating workplace solutions for our nurses,” said Allison Guste, Corporate Vice President, Nursing and Clinical Services at LCMC Health and Interim Chief Nursing Officer at University Medical Center New Orleans. “This collaboration represents a strategic move towards patient care, ensuring our facilities are optimally staffed so we can continue providing our patients with the extraordinary care they deserve."

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