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Childbirth Education Series 10

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  • Event type:Touro Family Birthing Center
  • Affiliations: Touro

The Childbirth Education Series is a four-class series recommended around 30 weeks or 6 1/2 months gestation and can answer any looming questions.

The classes address the stages of labor, recognizing early labor signs, pain management, medical interventions, cesarean birth, postpartum, and newborn care.

Sessions held in January, March, May, July, September, and November will be VIRTUAL ONLY.

Sessions held in April, June, August, and October will be IN PERSON.

*Please note this is a 4-week class but you only need to register for the first date in the series, then you will be registered for the entire series.*

Once you are registered you will receive an email within 1-2 days with the link for your virtual class or location information if your class is onsite. 

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  • Price: Free
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