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Consultation Liaison

The University Medical Center Consultation and Liaison service provides psychiatric and psychologic care to patients admitted to the ICU, medical, and surgical units. The care provided in the general hospital ensures patients receive a multidisciplinary treatment plan regardless of their current location or physical condition.

Specialized Recovery Team

The specialized Trauma Recovery Team provides proactive care to patients admitted to the Trauma Surgery Service by providing PTSD and depression screenings for all trauma patients. Screening results help the Trauma Recovery Team provide individualized brief interventions to trauma patients and their families during their hospital stay to help ease the suffering associated with life-altering injuries.

Trauma Recovery Clinic

The Trauma Recovery Clinic provides behavioral health services to trauma patients and their families, including short- and long-term psychotherapy and medication management. Learn more about the Trauma Recovery Clinic here.

Training programs

University Medical Center supports training for future Behavioral Health care givers from LSU Health New Orleans. Learn more about LSU Health New Orleans' Clinical Psychology Program and Consultant Liaison Fellowship here.

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