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Clarification of Relationship with B&A Insurance Agency and Mr. Wally Pontiff

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In response to recent interest in matters involving the B & A Insurance Agency, Inc. Contract with WJMC, the following Statement is provided.

West Jefferson Medical Center had a valid and binding written contract with B&A Insurance Agency, Inc. ("B&A"), which was signed by Wally Pontiff on behalf of B&A.

Section 6.7 of that Contract specifically prohibited B&A, Wally Pontiff and any other person from sharing in any commissions or fees which were earned by B&A and Wally Pontiff.

It is now alleged that Mr. Pontiff and B&A shared fees and commissions earned under this contract which was in complete violation of this Contract. When these allegations came to light, West Jefferson Medical Center immediately took action to terminate this Contract. Up until that point, West Jefferson Medical Center had every right to believe that B&A and Mr. Pontiff were honoring their contractual provision to not share fees and commissions.

West Jefferson Medical Center employees were immediately notified of the actions taken above although there was no impact on or disruption of employee benefits.

A copy of this contract which expressly prohibited B&A and Wally Pontiff from sharing fees and commissions is available online at (Press and Media) as well as a copy of the communication distributed to employees on November 9, 2009.

Any statements by any persons, via the Internet or otherwise, which are untrue or defame in any way West Jefferson Medical Center will be seriously dealt with by West Jefferson Medical Center. The right to freedom of speech does not include the right to make false statements about West Jefferson Medical Center.