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Get to know "Called-to-Care" nursing scholar: Norviana

Get to know "Called-to-Care" nursing scholar: Norviana

In December 2021, LCMC Health welcomed our second cohort of students to the Chamberlain University Called-to-Care Scholars Program. A total of 90 students have now taken the step to advance their career in nursing, with the support from LCMC Health and a guaranteed job when they graduate.

We wanted to get to know the students a little better.

Meet Norviana

What has been your journey to becoming a nurse? And what are you most excited about?

This journey has been a roller coaster in the most joyous way. I've been attending Chamberlain University since high school as an N2N student-- a program where high school students can complete prerequisite classes that could be put towards their future nursing degrees. I attended technical school (New Orleans Career Center) to be certified as a medical assistant and a PCT while in high school. We were in the middle of a pandemic, so most of my classes were online towards the end.

Attending Chamberlain through the Called-to-Care Scholars program was a turning point in my life. I am currently focusing on school and doing my best to be the nurse I aspire to be. I’m excited to learn new skills and network with those around me to get a feel of what nursing is about.

How would you like to make an impact?

I would love to look back on this journey and life in general and be proud of everything I accomplished. I want to know I had a positive impact on the people around me. Spreading my personality and honesty is the main thing I want to impact the world with.

In what ways has being a part of the Called-to-Care Scholars program provided any inspiration or motivation in your daily life?

This scholarship has motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing. Also knowing, that people have invested time and money into me all because they saw something in me is enough motivation to do anything I put my mind to. The support I get from my peers is amazing because we’re all here to help each other.

Did you overcome any obstacles to be a part of the Called-to-Care Scholars program?

When starting school, I was working at University Medical Center, but the hours were long, and it was affecting my progress in school. I made the decision to stop working until I felt I could balance school and work. This was a hard decision, but it was best for my future.

How did you hear about the Called-to-Care Scholars program?

It was brought to me first from Hope Williams in Organizational Development at LCMC Health. She has known me since I attended an internship with LCMC Health and YouthForce Nola. She brought it up to my peers and I in one of my PCT classes. I took the initiative to email her to gain more information about it and talked to my advisor at Chamberlain and it went from there.

What is one fun fact about you?

I love 90s music--- name a song and I know it.

What's your little something extra?

I am double jointed in both of my arms!