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Acute Care

Lakeview Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality care and service for adults and adolescents requiring specialized treatment for life-threatening medical or surgical emergencies or conditions. Our Intensive Care Unit is staffed by registered nurses who specialize in a broad range of critical care services.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU, 2nd floor)

The Lakeview Hospital 12-bed Intensive Care Unit features a state-of-the-art Bedside Patient Monitoring System and Central Information Center which provides immediate connection to vital patient information, bedside 12-lead EKG recordings to detect heart rhythm changes, oxygen saturation levels, enhanced critical alarm systems, continuous cardiac output, advanced invasive and non-invasive hemodynamic assessment and critical event archiving for review and comparison of previous and current vital measurements. This system also features fully-functional Portable Patient Monitors to allow ongoing assessment and recording of vital patient information even if the patient has to be transported from the Intensive Care Unit to another department for testing or treatment.

Stepdown Care Unit (SCU, 2nd Floor)

Lakeview Hospital offers the Stepdown Unit, a 12-bed unit comprised of all private rooms, located adjacent to the Intensive Care Unit on the second floor of the hospital. This unit serves those patients with acute cardiac disease and post-cardiac interventions. Most patients in this unit are received from the Cath Lab post cardiac intervention, myocardial infarction (heart attack), or pacemaker insertion, for continued monitoring and treatment.

To contact our Stepdown Care Unit, please call (985) 867-4433.

Medical Surgical Unit (MSU, 4th Floor)

The Lakeview Hospital 34-bed Medical Surgical Unit houses pre-operative and post-operative patients, aged 18 to 100+ years of age with acute and chronic illnesses. Common diagnoses in this unit include: diabetes, infection, cancer diagnosis, laparoscopic surgeries, appendectomy, abdominal surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries including total knee replacement and fractured hip repair, and hypertensive and stroke patients.

To contact our Medical Surgical Unit, please call (985) 867-4450.

Telemetry Unit (5th Floor)

Lakeview Hospital accommodates patients undergoing cardiac surgery or heart or lung disease treatment in the Telemetry Unit. This 34-bed specialty care unit serves adult patients ranging in age from 18 to 100+. In addition to treatment, this unit prides itself on thorough patient education. Through the utilization of a multi-disciplinary nursing team inclusive of dieticians, cardiac rehab technicians, and wound care specialists, patients are exposed to a wealth of education for disease prevention and management. This unit is also equipped with state-of-the-art cardiac monitoring equipment for real-time monitoring of all cardiac patients from the nursing station through the use of telemetry monitoring.

To contact our Telemetry Unit, please call (985) 867-4255.