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Imaging Services

Patient going for a scanAt Lakeview Hospital , we provide an array of vital imaging services, prioritizing excellent patient care.

Medical imaging services

The function of medical imaging services is to visualize body parts, tissues, and organs to assist with clinical diagnosis, treatment, and disease monitoring. There are several different imaging services for various medical needs.


MRIs, or magnetic resonance imaging, are different from x-rays, ultrasounds, or computed tomography (CT) in that they have the ability to provide different information about structures in the body using a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology for head, spine, body, MSK, and MRA.

Computerized tomography

Computerized Tomography (CT), or Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT), is an imaging procedure utilizing x-rays to generate internal images. Using two state-of-the-art GE multi-slice CT scanners, we have a dedicated GE CT workstation for advanced imaging visualization and imaging analysis. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology in adult and pediatric patients, for head/neck, chest, abdomen, and cardiac, and designated as a low-dose cancer screening facility.

Interventional imaging

Today, many conditions that once required surgery can be treated with less invasive measures, thanks to interventional imaging. Interventional radiology (IR), sometimes called vascular and interventional radiology (VIR) or surgical radiology, is a specialty of radiology offering an opportunity for minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. It offers a lower risk, less pain, and a shorter recovery time compared to traditional, "open" surgery. Lakeview Radiology Services include Thoracentesis, Paracentesis, biopsies, abscess drainages, lumbar punctures, Arthrogram, Myelograms, steroid injections, Mammotome breast biopsy, and Stereotactic breast biopsy.

Nuclear medicine

Nuclear Medicine is the branch of medicine that utilizes radioactive substances for the purpose of research, diagnosis, and treatment. Lakeview uses two different nuclear medicine cameras, each for different functions. One camera is specifically designed to image the heart. Using cardiac-optimized cameras and detectors, it allows us to acquire high-quality cardiac images in less time while creating a better patient experience. The second scanner is a dual-head camera. This two-detector configuration produces high-quality images with shorter imaging acquisition times.

Ultrasound imaging

Ultrasounds, or sonograms, generate imaging from vibrations with an ultrasonic frequency, used most often during pregnancy to examine a fetus. Incorporating the use of state-of-the-art GE ultrasound equipment, Lakeview can provide vastly superior ultrasound images for both the radiologist and the referring physician. We are accredited by the American College of Radiology for obstetrical, gynecological, general, and vascular.

X-Ray imaging

An x-ray is an electromagnetic wave of high energy and a very short wavelength with the ability to pass through materials which are opaque to light, such as bone, generating an image. At Lakeview, we utilize the latest in digital GE equipment to produce high-quality digital images. Digital acquisition allows for the efficient transfer of image data and also provides the ability to enhance the images after they are obtained.

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