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Primary Care

Primary Care in Covington

At Lakeview Hospital, our primary care has a little something extra.

You’ll find a primary care doctor who’s your go-to resource and partner for health and wellness. And you’ll have support at every stage of life. Whether you’re transitioning into adult medicine, battling chronic illness, or staying healthy with preventive care and annual checkups, your experienced team is right here in St. Tammany Parish to provide the care you need.

How to find a primary care doctor

A trusted primary care provider who is aware of your medical history is one of the best ways to prevent future medical issues and keep your overall health on the right track. Select a Lakeview Hospital primary care provider to learn more and request an appointment.

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What is preventive care?

Preventive care is self-care. And when we say “self-care,” we don’t just mean facials and time alone (though those can be great for your health, too). When you focus on prevention, you work closely with your primary care provider to get to know your baseline health. That way, if there are changes or unusual symptoms, it’s easy to spot them before they get worse or become major issues.

So, show yourself some love, and stay feeling your best. Start with an annual checkup at Lakeview Hospital.

Annual checkups

You may see your primary care provider more often, but we suggest seeing them at least once a year for your annual wellness visit. At these visits, you build a relationship with your provider, get personalized advice to prevent disease, and discuss ways to improve well-being. A win-win-win.

What to bring

Please bring the following information with you to primary care appointments:

  • - Family health history
  • - A list of medicines you take, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements
  • - Medical records, including any history of shots or vaccines
  • - Updated health insurance details

Your health information may already be in your electronic medical record (EMR), but we’ll still review it with you and make updates if needed.

What to expect at your visit

Annual wellness visits are often quick and easy. Think of them as a planning session to keep you healthy. You’ll probably:

  • - Answer questions about yourself, such as your activity level, alcohol and tobacco use, and mental health status.
  • - Talk about your medical and family history, as well as any medicines you’re currently taking.
  • - Have your provider check your blood pressure, weight, and height.
  • - Make a plan for next steps like screenings, shots, and referrals.
Health insurance we accept

Most health insurance companies pay for annual checkups, including Medicare, which covers a Medicare annual wellness visit. Lakeview Hospital is an in-network provider for most insurance plans in the Northshore area, but it’s always best to confirm with your insurance before your appointment.

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