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We deliver dreams in ones, twos, threes and more…

​We specialize in multiple births. Having more than one baby can multiply the love and joy, as well as concerns and fear. Giving birth to twins, triplets or higher-order multiples means you will need special care and support during your pregnancy, your delivery and after giving birth. Your babies will also require special care. During a multiple pregnancy, you can expect have more doctor visits than if you were pregnant with only one baby. Your babies may have a higher risk for low birth weight and for being premature, both of which can cause to unexpected health issues. We have highly skilled physicians and nursing staff, as well as the needed technology to monitor and ensure your health and your babies health, throughout your pregnancy and birth. For instance:

Our specialized physicians are experienced in reducing risk for multiple babies and their mothers.

Our team will ensure you have access to all the information and support you need to prepare for giving birth and life after with your babies at home.

Support services

  • Breastfeeding support for multiple babies.
  • Our well-baby nursery and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are equipped to provide care for your babies until they are ready to go home.
  • We offer an antenatal unit for higher-risk pregnancies. This unit is equipped to offer advanced care for any complications that may arise for women with higher-risk pregnancies.
  • Our doctors, nursing team and support staff are highly respected in the region.

To find out more please call us at 985.867.4146 or email us.