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EJGH Welcomes Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist Dr. Zhen Jiao

Your best choice if you suffer from A-Fib

Zhen Jiao, M.D. and James McKinnie, M.D.East Jefferson General Hospital is proud to welcome Dr. Zhen Jiao to Jefferson Electrophysiology. Dr. Jiao returned to New Orleans from the Mayo Clinic specifically to work alongside Dr. James McKinnie. Together, these two physicians are helping to set new standards of care for Atrial-Fibrillation or A-Fib. Otherwise known as an irregular heartbeat, A-Fib is a chronic, painful disease that previously meant a lifetime on medication.

Dr. Zhen Jiao is a Board Certified Internal Medicine and a Board Eligible Cardiology/Electrophysiology physician who is originally from Harbin, China. Dr. Jiao received his Doctor of Medicine from Harbin Medical University and his Ph.D. in Cardiac Electrophysiology from the Chinese Academy of Medical Science at Peking Union Medical College. Most recently he completed fellowships at Tulane University School of Medicine in Clinical Cardiology and at the Mayo Clinic – Rochester in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Dr. Jiao has also been published in numerous clinical journals and international medical publications.

If you have A-Fib, doctors McKinnie and Jiao want you to know you may not need to live with pain or medication. Call them to learn more about their exciting new solutions to a problem that affects more than 100,000 people in Louisiana alone. For more information on Jefferson Electrophysiology, click here.

Most major forms of insurance are accepted.